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We can run floating hardwood floors ang glue down wood floors in any direction. Please allways notify your sales professional if you have a preference

Nail-down hardwood floors must be run perpendicular to your floor joists.


No two hardwood boards look alike. Each hardwood board, howeber, is assigned a “grade” by a professional lumber grader at the mill. This grade organizes hardwood boards around common characteristics listed below:

-CLEAR grade contains more uniform coloring and characteristics.

-SELECT grade contains slightly more natural wood characteristics and color variation.

-#1 COMMON grade contains prominent color variations and varying characteristics.

-NATURAL grade contains pronounced variations in natural wood coloring from deep to light brown. All natural tones of this wood are accepted, including mineral streaks, secure knots, and honeycombs.


Despite what many people say, putting top nails in the flooris necessary. This is done to nail down the hardwood in an area where the regular nail gun cannot operate, or to improve a board’s stability in the middle of the floor.

During installation, some boards may splinter or crack. If this occurs, we will remedy the situation by either filling the void or replaing the board.


The transitions will not match the grain and color of the hardwood 100% The portion of the tree used for transitions may be different from that used for the hardwood board. This difference is more pronounced in stair nosing.

The sales professional has to use his best judgment for determining what transitions are required. However, if you have any preferences, discuss them with your sales consultant at the time of the sale.


Filler is used to mask small imperfections in the manufacturing of the floor. It is standard procedure to fill in areas such as nail holes, gaps, or chips that are smaller than the width of a penny. Very rarely does a board need to be replaced.


The typical waste factor for hardwood floors is 7% or higher, depending upon the shape of the room and the material being used. Let the installers know if you like to keep any opened cartons of leftovers for future rapairs, etc.


For best results, minimize walking on any glue down hardwood for a period of 24 hours.


Since wood is a product of a nature, it is very common for wood flooring to expand and contract as the season change.

Flooring material should be acclimated in its intended environment before installation. Refer to product recommendations for specifications.

You should maintain proper climate controls at your home to prevent exessive gaps from appearing in you hardwood floor. A temperature of 70 F (21 c) and relative humidity of 30% to 50% area ideal.

In colder climates, we recommend the use of a humidifier during winter onths when the hummidity drops. This is most important in the first year following a hardwood installation.

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