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Unsurpassed Quality on Our Carpet Store

Couristan premiere residential carpets are manufactured using only the world’s fines materials and the most advanced weaving systems standards of craftsmanship are employed in making each of our products and only the finest primium wools and synthetic yarns are utilized to ensure superior softness and lasting durability. This commitment to exellence has earned us long-standing success in the floor covering industry, while providing our customers whit the highest levels of design and quality. You can visit our online store to browse our carpet selection.

Before you walk into our carpet Store you need to know the Benefits Of Wool…

..wool carpets have outstanding easycare properties flame resistence stain resistence and resiliency are characteristics inherent of wool an are not achievable by chemical treatments.

Naturally Flame Retardant

The higth moisture content of wool fibers, along with its protein constituents, provide wool carpetswith excellent natural flame resistance wool fibers will not support combustion, are dificult to ignite and are self extinguishable

Naturally Stain Resistant

The surface of a wool fiber is covered by a thin protectiv membrane which allows wool the ability to shed water. This membrane prevents water from readily penetrating the individual wool fibers. When you consider that 80% of carpet stains are water-based, you being to realize how important this property is and how much natural protection is built in to your wool carpet

Naturally Resilient

Each wool fiber has a three-dimensional spiraling crimp which gives it natural elasticity this elasticity means that a wool fiber can stretch up to 30% more than itsoriginal length and then bounce back-like miniature spring

Wools is a non-allergenic fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria ordust mites, or give off chemical emissions.

Know You Know, Call Us or visit our carpet store and let our experts help you to choose the perfect carpet and design for you home.

Benefits Of Heat-Set Courtron Polypropylene

Courtron polypropylene is a strong synthetic fiber that reists wear and permanent stains, resists static alectricity, can be easily cleaned and is resistant to moisture and mildew. When heat-set and used in a dense contruction. heat-setting is a pprocess that sets the twist by heat or steam enabling yarns to hold their twist over time, this increasing the overall performance and appareance retention of the carpet.

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